For the ladies out there, what pairs best with your dazzling white wedding dress? If you think over it for a while, you’ll discover that a set of pearly white teeth matches perfectly with those white silk layers. We often come across patients who have turned up to our cosmetic dentist once their wedding was on the cards. A whiter and brighter smile however, not only depends upon the whiteness but also the teeth alignment. The straighter they are, the brighter they look.

Get A Picture Perfect Wedding Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

It is thus quite clear that a collection of cosmetic dentistry procedures can pave the way for achieving your goal of a wedding perfect smile. But there are some to-dos that you need to sternly stick to in order to have a stunning smile on that D-day. They are inclusive of the following –
Schedule a Dental Appointment a Few Days Early
Whitening makes your teeth feel a little sensitive for a while. Therefore it is best to go for whitening treatments well before our wedding day. Book an appointment a month or two earlier in order to avert sensitivity issues. It could otherwise lead to a lot of discomfort on the day of the occasion.
Keep your Emergency Kit Ready on that Day
The kit should essentially contain floss, a compact mirror and preferably a breath freshener. These are the essentials that ensure that your smile remains perfectly glimmering throughout the entire day and you can greet your guests warmly. The floss would help you out in case something gets stubbornly stuck in between your teeth. The significance of the breath freshener needs not be mentioned probably. It is the most important thing on that very day to keep your self confidence boosted. A fresh breath keeps you both energized and motivated which would make your presence all the more charming on that special day of yours!
Stick to a Daily Dental Routine a Few Months Before that Day

Suppose you have neglected your teeth for a long time now. So, what next? Instead of brooding over the past, get up and get down to action. Go for a whitening treatment, get that done perfectly and set an oral care routine for you in order to hold on to that whiteness! After getting your teeth whitened (either professionally or at home), try brushing twice and flossing daily. Apart from these stay away from the staining foods such as sauces, berries, beverages like tea and coffee, dark chocolates etc. if staying away is impossible, at least restrict their consumption. Every time you intake these foods, make sure that you rinse your mouth thoroughly if not brushing them.

Remember, as a thumb rule you might follow this: foods that stain your white shirt, stains your teeth permanently! That is, once your teeth are exposed to these consumables, if they are not rinsed immediately, they may permanently stain your teeth!

A Quick Glance of the Number of Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide
Mix one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts baking soda and then brush your teeth using the mixture. This effectively works. Try it out and get the results at home itself!
Brush Frequently and Correctly
Apart from regular brushing, doing it correctly is very important. Your toothbrush should be doing its job at an angle of 45 degree such that all the nooks and corners are cleaned.
Use Whitening Toothpaste
Whitening toothpastes do not perform magic. Therefore don’t expect your teeth to turn pearly white overnight. Their slightly abrasive agent silica may work on the relatively new and easier stains and remove them effectively. But don’t expect to drive out the stubborn permanent ones with the help of such toothpaste. Largely discolored tooth would only gain a little from whitening toothpastes. Therefore, it is recommended that you start using one when the very early signs of damage and discoloration appear.
Use Whitening Strips at Home
This is a relatively long process as teeth whitening strips need to be used continually over a period of at least two weeks to reach the deep-down stains on your teeth. It is a one-hour session at home daily. These strips can be brought to yield desired results only when the user is knowledgeable enough to choose the product carefully. Your whitening strip needs to have the correct proportion of bleaching agent to give you the desired results!


For at-home kits, there are certain to-dos that most individuals are unaware of. This post was created to guide you through the ways and means of achieving a pleasant smile for your special day! In this discussion therefore, we would like to add the tips that play an important role, if you are trying teeth whitening at home. While using those strips, remember the following:

  • Brush before you go in for whitening. The whitening-kit box may have instructions otherwise. Ignore them and brush your teeth. It will only help you in the process. Just be careful that yours is not fluoride toothpaste as fluoride lingers on your teeth for some time and blocks peroxide from percolating inside.
  • Dab your teeth with a dry tissue to wipe off the saliva as far as possible. The idea is that there should preferably be no barrier between the strips and your mouth.
  • Stick to the stipulated time for whitening. Keeping on the strips after the one-hour period may damage your enamel and gums. On the other hand, an insufficient amount of time will not yield the desired results!

Those were some of the to-dos if you are short of time and planning to try your hands on some at-home techniques. Especially when marriage is on the cards, days seem to pass by in the wink of an eye. You tend to have time constraints managing work, home and your marriage preparations! Thus this article was intended to elaborately deal in the dos, don’ts and other necessary tips for a brighter and whiter smile via quicker and easier means!

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