Root Canal Treatment

Solve Root Canal Problems

Root canal problems can be serious, their treatment can be quick and comfortable. Our endodontic procedures ensure that your treatment doesn’t cause you more pain, but instead relieves the pain you have.

Root Canal Treatment in Cherry Hill

Why Root Canal Treatment?

Millions of teeth are treated and saved through root canal procedures each year. It is important that you understand why root canal treatment is necessary to remove the infected tissue and restore the health of your tooth.

Root canal treatment (Endodontics) treats disorders of the nerve, also known as the pulp, of the tooth. In the past, the tooth had to be the removed. However, in 95% of the cases today, this is no longer true. We believe in saving teeth instead of removing them, while preventing any future problems. 

What Makes a Root Canal Necessary?

The following are the most common factors contributing to a need for root canal treatment:

  • Physical irritation caused by decay or a large filling
  • Severe gum disease
  • Trauma, such as at physical blow to a tooth or a constant striking off a tooth in the opposite jaw that traumatizes the tooth
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